Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: TENDERING MY RESIGNATION


by Isaac, The World of Isaac

To my fellow Carnies and Readers of Epic Carnival:

Rarely, if ever, do people find out the inner workings of a website...The drama behind the scenes with the Authors, the personalities, the egos, the showboating, and the me-me-me attitude.

Up until now, the editor of EC, DCScrap has done an admirable job.

And by admirable, I mean any well-trained monkey could do the same
(In fact, I'm training this one as we speak)

But all that changed last week

You see, a fundamental disagreement has occurred between myself and the founder of this website. Normally, I would just blow it off, have a couple of beers, hit up a stripe joint or two and forget about it. But not this time. Not this issue.

This disagreement is something that is near and dear to my heart. In fact, it should be near and dear to everyone's heart.

And that something is......


Boobies...Fun bags...Jugs....and perhaps even Tat Fitties

Let me try to put this in perspective for the laymen out there....

Boobies to a blogger is the equivalent of diapers to a baby. Go a couple of hours without it, and things could get dicey. Maybe even a little messy if you know what I mean.

Last week, Epic Carnival received a $50 Gift card to Mlb.com. The authors of EC were polled and me, being a champion of perverted sports bloggers everywhere suggested that a contest involving girls painting Epic Carnival on their bare chests would yield the best results.

Not wanting to insult the two very talented female writers on staff (Sooze and TSD), the question was posed to them. Both wholeheartedly agreed that boobies was not only the best way to go, but the only way to go.

So a democratic decision had been reached. Or so we thought?

DCScrap pulled out his trump card. The veto. Essentially, he went Hilter on us (thank you Jemele Hill).

Why you ask? Why would a man with the impeccable credentials of DCScrap pull such a move?

To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I have yet to receive a sufficient answer from Heir Scrap.

I considered starting a blogger mutiny of sorts. Outbidding EC and pillaging them of their finest talent. But alas, I have taken the high road. Boobies will live on, just not here apparently.

So before I get Willie Randolph'd in the middle of the night, I submit to you, my resignation.

I heart Boobies,

The World of Isaac

16 comment(s):

MoonDog said...

Ninety percent of my traffic is generated as a result of the chick pics I post. A sad commentary but one I'm willing to live with.

I stand with you in bringing the blogosphere the finest sets of boobs we can find.

If you'd like some help in bringing the boobs to bear, let me know. Anything I can do to promote this very worthy cause would be my distinct pleasure.



Truth About It said...

If you feel so strongly about it, why don't you pony up your own 50 bone gift card for such a contest?

DCScrap said...


World of Isaac said...


50 dollars gets me two lap dances from your girlfriend...

so why waste the money on a gift card?

Sargent said...

We were polled?

DCScrap said...

he's kidding people...

MoonDog said...

Am I the only one that figured out this was a joke? That's not good.

I still stand by my offer to bring the finest breasts of the net to your living room though. It would be my pleasure.

World of Isaac said...

apologies...I thought talking about boobies and referring to Scrap as Heir Scrap would have tipped people off

thegasman said...

where can the rest of us get the secret decoder ring to figure out when you carnies are serious and when you're not being serious.

some editorial notes:

your boobies image should have had swaztika pasties. it would have informed the subject matter of the level of absurdity you were striving to achieve.

having SOOZ and TSD show THEIR boobies would have been an effective way to make the general reader think you were being serious. with their boobies, the reader would be disoriented by the juxtaposition of the swaztika pasties and the existence of pictures of serious female sportsblogger's funbags being exposed to make a point.

how many websites are we going to let dougie own? isn't it only a matter of time before he is not only dictating (i said dictating) content on EVERY site? one of is going to stand up to "heir scrap" and pony up the money for a good lawyer and file an antitrust suit against the bastard.

thanks for listening.

thegasman said...

p.s. since tiricosuave is a slam-dunk to win, can we change the contest to boobies?

World of Isaac said...

as usual, the gasman brings it strong...

I'm such a dumbass for not thinking of the swastika pasties....

and the chicks showing their boobies....ladies, care to respond?

DCScrap said...

BTW, it's Herr Scrap, not "Heir"... five years of German in high school and college finally pays off!

thegasman said...

based on the rate at which you open new websites, it should be "Hare Scrap".

p.s. i knew it was "herr" but i didn't want to make isaac feel like an assclown. apparently you don't have a problem with that.

World of Isaac said...

yeah, screw you Herr Scrap

DMtShooter said...

Jemele Hill thinks this comment thread is in poor taste.

Tracer Bullet said...

I'd assumed "Heir Scrap" was part of the joke because every Neo-Nazi worth his position on the front lines of RAHOWA knows it's "Herr Scrap." I'll have to bring this up at the next Stormfront meeting and Issac? I'd watch my back if I were you.

Hi Hitler!

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