Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: AARON RODGERS IS NOT GOING TO SUCK


by Andrew, The Grand National Championships

I'm not here to make the claim that Favre in 2007 would bring a downgrade to Rodgers in 2008. The asshole was awesome. But you know what? It was a lot more supporting cast aided then everybody's saying and the folks at Bring Back Brett Favre are nothing more than terrorists.

Polite, well-meaning, unorganized terrorists. But by the loosest sense of the word? They are.

ANYWAY, Aaron Rodgers. Sure, he's got a Mark Prior affinity to get himself hurt. But if he plays 16 games, the Packers will make the playoffs, and Rodgers will pull a 3700-30-10 season of yards/scores/picks.

I'm crazy right? Too much allergy medication for your old pal? Nah. There's logic to the ossified nightmare of Brett Favre. The Packers aren't going to miss him.

Reason #1 Ruvell Martin.

This guy's a 6'4" deep threat. He caught 80% of the looks that came his way in the Red Zone last season. He caught 70% of his looks on third down. And you know what? He's currently 5th on the Depth Chart.

Yeah, Ruvell is what those in the Roto world would call an opportunity based sleeper. See, Greg Jennings is the big-play guy. Donald Driver is the posession guy/mentor. James Jones is the guy who's on the Greg Jennings career track. And Jordy Nelson's a tall dude with elite hands and lateral quickness. Three big names get hurt and the Packers still aren't bereft of targets.

What does this mean? This means Babe Mother Falcon Laufenberg can rise up from his insurance desk, take snaps for the Packers, and still throw for a 51% completion rating. And Ryan Grant and Donald Lee aren't receiving chopped liver either.

Reason #2: The System

The system was not about gunslinging and just having fun out there. The system was built upon slants and receivers who could take it from there. What does this mean?

This means a talented offensive line had to hold their blocks for a shorter time. This means you won't have to roll up on a third and eighteen and throw it up for grabs. This means you can have Korey Hall or Donald Lee in for maximal protection. And you know what else?

The Packers running game just might not be an aberration either. Look at it this way, people. Spergeon Wynn could handle his shit with the other ten players that the Packers have.

Will the Packers not win the division? Maybe. Will they miss the playoffs? It's possible. If Aaron gets hurt, a 1st place schedule plus two cornerbacks who are becoming elderly could equal 8-8.

But hear me now, and let me be foolish if I am wrong.

If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy, he will be a good professional quarterback for the Packers in 2008. Let Favre rot.

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