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by WCT, The Ship of Fools

“Calling You Out!” is a periodic segment where WCT takes people to task for irresponsible journalism, foolhardy activities, or just general douchebaggery. Nothing is sacred, no one is spared, watch your ass mister! You could be next!

I cannot be the only one that is sick of this, right?

Far be it from any of us to put a whole lot of stock into anything that Chris Mortensen reports, but if this turns out to be true, I would be speechless.

Honestly, I don't even know what to say anymore. He went through the will-I-or-won't-I-retire dance he does seemingly every offseason, but this year finally decided to call it quits. We already saw the tears flowing at the press conference, the grieving and open weeping in the aftermath, and the period of healing and acceptance (and that was all just Peter King! heyoooo!). We really thought it was over this time.

The Packers had started to move on too. They had begun preparing for a season with Aaron Rodgers under center (what is he, 40 now?). Installing an offense that favors his strengths and developing timing and chemistry with his offensive teammates. And then, out of the blue, Favre (reportedly) contacted the Packers and told them that he'd like to come back. If this turns out to be true (which is not a done deal) and if he does in fact come back (which is also not written in stone) then Rodgers would go back to the bench, all the practicing they have done in mini-camps up to this point would be null and void, and we would see a whole new 16-game fair-well tour of an NFL season for #4. That would be followed, of course, by more off-season indecision as to whether or not to come back, more tears shed, etc. I don't know if my heart can take another year of that.

It is clear that Brett considers himself above the team, I just wish he wasn't so blatant about it.

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DCScrap said...

Thank you.

World of Isaac said...

If I were Aaron Rodgers, I would hire someone to Nancy Kerrigan Favre

macg, isn't favre your boy?

care to defend him here

Tracer Bullet said...

If Farve comes back, and Rodgers' nuts are any bigger than raisins, Rodgers absolutely has to demand a trade.

Mac G said...

I still think Favre is not coming back and I doubt these sources. Favre had a great season last year and I was surprised he hung it up with such a young, talented club coming back.

Do not blame Favre for the media's infatuation with his playing status over the past few years. I guess he could have kept his feelings to himself but man, I really have no idea what to feel if he really would come back to play.

World of Isaac said...

would the media be infatuated with favre if he didn't call attention to himself


Jeff V said...

Well put.

I hate to be that guy but this is related, if you haven't heard about Favre's text messaging the Pack's GM check this out.


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