Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: THE LOVELY HIDDEN GEMS OF INDIE ROCK


by Rupert, Ghosts of Wayne Fontes

Since we're still a little lost in the deep summer sports abyss, we'll spare you a prejack fantasy football post or the hotties of shrimp fishing. Instead, we're taking a rare detour into the music world. Today, we'll show you the ten finest pieces of ash from within the wide world of indie rock. Keep in mind, what these lovely ladies forego in tight clothes and fake honeydews, they make up for by drinking whiskey straight-up, crafting some good music, and living on a bus. In other words, they are probably just as fun to hang out with as they are to look at. And they're cooler than you. Anyway, here are my faves. Let me know if you have some to add.

10) Bat For Lashes - Since it is a musician list, we might as well start of with a bat shit crazy hottie like Bat For Lashes. Plus, I know how all you guys are really into that whole Navaho Peacock fantasy, so you should enjoy this. (pictured to the left)

9) Zooey Deschanel - I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few naysayers for Zooey, but she grows on me and gets bonus points, because she seems guinely pretty cool and interesting. Plus, she kicks it with Will Farrell. (right)

8) Ingrid Michaelson - Yeah, I know. I'm a total sucker for the Lisa Loeb kinda nerdy, cute ones. (left)

7) Liz Phair - Liz is the olde school indie hottie who made a living flaunting her wise ass sexuality. I never really bought the whole badass slut thing, but she is easy on the eyes and has a handful of solid tunes, so I'm not complaining. (right)

6) Cat Power - Otherwise known as Chan Marshall, this sultry crooner is taking the music world by storm. She looks lovable enough, but something scares me about the name Cat Power. For some reason, I picture a feminist with crazy ass long fingernails running around scratching anyone who crosses her. (left)

5) Neko Case - The original New Pornographer has been known to do a little pornography of her own. Well, maybe not pornography, but still pretty risque for a musician. (right)

4) The Watson Twins - On their own, they might struggle to make such a prominent position on the list, but two cute musician twins who look like this? The guy upstairs with the magic wand must have been in a good mood the days these to cuties were born. Better yet, these two kick it with the next entry on the list, Jenny Lewis, forming quite a triforce. (left)

3) Jenny Lewis - Jenny is the uh, brains, behind Rilo Kiley and now enjoys a successful solo career. You could say she is a juggernaut on the indie scene. If she looks a bit familiar, you might know her from such productions as Troop Beverly Hills, Roseanne, or Golden Girls. (right)

2) Priscilla Ahn - Priscilla just showed up on my radar a couple weeks ago and she skyrocketed right to the #2 spot, because not only is she ridiculously hot, but I like her songs quite a bit. Man, I love those musician chicks. (left)

1) Grace Potter - Grace is the shiz. She rubs elbows with the likes of Phish and My Morning Jacket like she's one of the boys, yet catch her on a good day and you'll double take that you're looking at Heidi Klum. (below)

2 comment(s):

Sooze said...

I love you for loving these girls' [tunes]

MoonDog said...

Zooey's sister Emily is doing it for me. Every time someone refers to her as "Bones" my mind wanders to the possibilities.

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