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by GMoney, The Money Shot

If you haven't been able to tell from my weekly posts, I hate the Ohio State University. Well, not so much the school, it's just that their fans are ungodly annoying. If you are ever feeling a little too full of yourself or looking to take on a group of ten frat boys by yourself, show up on campus before a home game wearing the colors of the day's opponents. Unless you've ever been here for a game, (and I live here) you have no idea how bad these people are. But enough about the fans.

I consider Jim Tressel to be a stand-up guy and one hell of a coach. But that opinion is changing. He's allowing success to cloud his judgment. I can understand that if your job is on the line, you may be more inclined to cut a few corners to survive. But that isn't the case here. Instead of doing what's right, Tressel is only fueling his feeling of invincibility.

In the past, Buckeye Senior OL, Alex Boone, was charged with a DUI. His punishment was nothing. Earlier this summer, DL Doug Worthington, was on the receiving end of a DUI himself. He failed a field sobriety test and is currently in the process of defending himself against the charge. What did Gentleman Jim do as a punishment? From his press conference today:

Junior defensive tackle Doug Worthington – who was charged with DUI last month and pleaded not guilty – will suit up against Youngstown State. However, it’s not clear how much Worthington will play. Tressel said that Worthington’s case is “moving along towards resolution.”

To hell with that. Kids make mistakes, I get that. He failed a sobriety test and he was arrested for driving under the influence, you really can't fight that. So why in the Hell is this kid still allowed to play. I realize that it didn't happen, but what if he killed someone? Does he get named captain then? And I'm sure that eventually Tressel will say that the team handled it internally, but that's bullshit. We, the public--the fans of the sport--don't care if he had to run a few extra laps after practice or do a few push-ups. I want to see some discipline. Just because these guys play football at a big time program, that doesn't mean that the rules don't apply to them and that there are no consequences for the irresponsible actions. This is TWICE now that Tressel has ignored his players putting public safety at risk and that just sucks.

This is just one more reason why the world is rooting against these guys this and every year. Go Youngstown State.

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Anonymous said...

i think u have only talked to the drunk guys on the osu campus. most osu fans even think there annoying u obviously have either not lived in the right area, (campus) or u just have you just ignore all the good things about osu football. yes coach tressle made some judgement errors, and there might be some rowdy drunk guys on campus. but what do you expect its the largest school in the country. so i think u should just stop talking about things you are so obviously clueless about. (buckeye4life)

GMoney said...

Clearly, with all of your shitty grammar, you are a proud OSU alum. No, I don't live on campus but I'm down there every Saturday. And yes, ALL BUCKEYE FANS ARE MISERABLE SHITHEADS.

Kudos to you for saving all that time by typing "u" instead of "you". With that extra time that you saved, you can surely go fuck yourself.

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