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by Moondog, The World According to Moondog

The Monday night game between Dallas and Philadelphia has received a lot of hype, as much if not more than the Tom Brady injury. ESPN is thrilled to have a contest between two marquee teams in what boils down to an early season battle in which the victor takes a big step towards the NFC East title.

The Cowboys are exceptionally talented and have one of the best, if not the best, offensive lines in the NFL. Dallas may not gain a lot of yards for the first three quarters but eventually the sheer bulk of their offensive line begins to wear down opponents.

Philadelphia has a great secondary, in my mind one of the best in the league. The Eagles are going to bring pressure all night just as they have throughout the tenure of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

Dallas' offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is gutsy and likes to stress the opposing defense. Most importantly though, he's smart. A 1988 graduate of Princeton, Garrett has quickly risen among the ranks of coordinators around the league and will likely take over as head coach of the Cowboys one day.

Unlike the Eagles, Dallas has better offensive skill players Garrett can get the ball to. If the medium and long passing game isn't there - and most likely it won't with Asante Samuel covering Terrell Owens - Dallas will utilize Jason Witten, Marion Barber and Felix Jones over the middle or on swing passes and screens.

Philadelphia must get solid performances from Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook if they have any chance of winning. McNabb has lost some mobility due to injuries and like any quarterback, isn't as effective when being pressured.

Those days of McNabb scrambling out of the pocket are basically over, and Dallas knows it. The Cowboys also know the key to keeping the Eagles out of the endzone is Westbrook. While most teams try to focus their efforts on stopping him - and usually fail - if you effectively contain Westbrook, your chances of defeating Philadelphia increases exponentially.

The Cowboys secondary isn't too shabby and as mentioned above, the Eagles don't possess an abundance of skill players. Dallas will contain Westbrook and pressure McNabb, a plan they effectively employed during the Cowboys victory over the Eagles last season.

Tony Romo doesn't have to be spectacular for Dallas to win. The Cowboys running game will ostensibly neutralize the Eagles edge in the secondary and Romo has a lot of toys to play with to get Dallas into the endzone.

Don't look for a particularly high-scoring game, but Dallas will win because of the better running game, skill position players and a defense that will keep McNabb on the run.

Dallas 24, Philadelphia 13.

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Tracer Bullet said...

"Those days of McNabb scrambling out of the pocket are basically over, and Dallas knows it."

I pray to God they Cowboys are dumb enough to believe this. Please. Go man-to-man the whole game. Please. Please. Please.

DMtShooter said...

Dallas should win; they are at home and it's early in the season, where their lack of depth, injury luck and all head case locker room hasn't had any kind of impact yet. If they don't, it's major alarm time in Dallas.

MoonDog said...

Come on Tracer, you know McNabb isn't anywhere near as mobile as he used to be. The Cowboys have LBs that can run him down.

Remember last season when Dallas killed the Eagles? That's exactly what the defense did. They chased McNabb down and contained Westbrook.

That's the game plan Monday night. I talked to Jessica Simpson and she told me everything.

Tracer Bullet said...

Evidently you've forgotten that McNabb wasn't fully healthy in the first game and that Philadelphia beat Dallas in Dallas last year.

McNabb is not as likely to run. This is not the same thing saying he's not as mobile. He's probably won't run for 100 yards, but he can still punish teams who don't take him into account and I like his chances against Zack Thomas in a footrace. A few first down scrambles, a few screens to Westbrook and that pass rush slows down mightily.

James said...

The Eagles will win the game on the back of BW.

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