Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO COULD BE YOUR NEXT JAKE DELHOMME?


by Andrew, The Grand National Championships

Well, I'll tell you.

The name Cheyney is evocative of a lot of dark forces in this world. Man-sized safes, shooting dudes in the face, and fundraising for the enemies of Darcy Burner. But this is not me railing against Palinism.

This is me railing for Matt Nichols.

Matt Nichols (QB-Eastern Washington)
6'2" 220 4.68
Obvious Nicknames: Numero Cinco, Matty Fresh

If the Eagles were in the Big 12? Matt Nichols would have an inside track to be a second team all-conference. Two games over 300 yards, two twenty four point efforts, and a near miracle upset of the Colorado Buffaloes. Coming off a sophmore year where he went for 3744-34-9? This will start to creep him onto draft radars.

He's a quarterback with a moxie that would make Matt Flynn come up to him and be all like "Dude, stop copying me." And he does have a mobility and fearlessness that can bring him some FBS glory. And while his arm is mediocre at best, this team he leads is a sleeper to be the team everybody expects Appy State to crush in the finals.

So what's the problem? It's a gimmicky offense on a lower level of competition. You've got a team running a K-Gun. It's gonna allow him to put up points and get good stats, but these never ever translate in the pros. At least not right away.

And this is why he may be a solid starter in 2015. Delhomme needed a few years to find a team and then find himself. If someone has the patience with Nichols, you can find yourself a great developmental prospect.

Eyes forward til next time.

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