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Cheap Heat: Halloween SmackDown more tricks than treats

by Matt Loede, Let's Talk Wrestling

The Halloween edition of SmackDown is in the books, and as usual for a Halloween episode, it was built around the Undertaker, who took on Chavo Guerrero in a “Casket Match” that of course saw interference from The Big Show, who is in the midst of a feud with Taker.

Taker though got the win, which is not a shock since they want to build towards next week’s showdown between Taker and Vladimir Kozlov. The stip as Vickie Guerrero told us at the very end of the show is if Vlad wins, he gets Triple H at Survivor Series (gee, wonder what is going to happen there). In other words, it’ll be Show getting a win for Vlad, who will then move on to a match with HHH at the PPV.

The show other than that was mostly filler matches, with matches like the tag champs (Carlito and Primo) losing in the opener to Miz and Morirson in a non-title match. A strong open, but the moment you heard it was a non-title, you knew that Miz and Morrison would win, thus pushing their match on Monday night on the 800th RAW vs DX.

The pair of six-person tag matches were okay for what they were worth, but the most annoying aspect of them and other parts of the show for that matter was the countless interruptions by the “Hurrapop” which is nothing more than Gregory Helms, who is on his way back, giving some quips about a wrestler, diva, or whatever he feels like.

First off, Helms is not funny, and second, he’s been gone so long, no one really cares he’s coming back anyway. Sorry Gregory. I also guess they will finally be pushing Brian Kendrick’s sidekick – Ezekiel, who beat up and took out Jimmy Wang Yang after he upset Kendrick by DQ. The monster then came in and beat on Yang. It also marks the end of any real push for Kendrick, who has been off TV a lot lately, and seems to be back to mid-card or lower status.

Other than that, not a whole lot to this show, we’ll see next week when Kozlov gets his Survivor Series shot at Triple H, and what else they start building towards this usually pretty good PPV. I can forsee a “casket match” with Show vs Taker as well. For the most part, this SmackDown was a show worth missing.

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