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ESPN hates Versus and other networks

by Brian P. Foley, The College Baseball Blog

I was recently watching SportsCenter on Wednesday evening just trying to get some scores from the evening as I was eating dinner. The anchor was sitting at the table talking with John Kruk and Steve Phillips about the Philadelphia Phillies series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. They could not show highlights until Fox was off the air so they were just filling time. The anchor proceeded to take a shot at Fox by calling them the other network.

This was not the first time that I have seen ESPN taking shots at other networks. I was watching ESPN Gameday last year when they were talking about a big game in the Mountain West conference which was shown on Versus. Herbstreit said that no one would see the game since they did not know who was showing the game. They make these comments also about the NHL and the lack of a major television package. All of my friends get Versus on their cable packages and I thought most people that want to watch the NHL would get it since Versus has the national TV package.

How does it help ESPN to continue to take shots at their competitors? People are going to watch ESPN no matter what is on or to get the information on the games that are taking place that evening. Why can't you just be honest with the fans and recognize that you are the best source of sports information right now?

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

My cable doesn't have Versus and my cable company won't add it.

It's probably the same for a lot a people.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you have CBS. Some cable customers in Indianapolis, however....

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