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Kimbo Slice for Secretary of Defense

by DCScrap, on 205th magazine

Tracy Morgan is awesome. He is both crazy and funny, which makes for a perfect combination of hilarity. Anyway, Tracy was on Conan and proceeded to say that if Obama gets elected he should make Kimbo Slice the next Secretary of Defense. Conan's reaction could not have been more white elitist (and funny).

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Anonymous said...

I realize that "state" sounds an awful lot like "defense" but can you please unclog your fucking ears before you write?

DCScrap said...

Thank you anonymous fuckstick. Or should I call you Curt Hennig because you are "Mr. Perfect"? I am sure you never had a slip of the tongue or in my case a slip of the fingers. Douche...

Anonymous said...

I do not know who you are or how funny you may think you are... but Curt Hennig has nothing to do with you, your 'funnies', or your 'smart' way of replying to people that are critisizing you. You are only doing exactly what they want... lettting them get to you. God Bless.

The Prophet said...

LOL at this retard taking offense for you evoking the name of the late, great Curt Hennig. Next time use a Paul Orndorff blast and call him 'Mr. Wonderful'.

Someone told me that most anonymous blog commenters are homeless guys using the PCs at the library.

Do these peons not realize the pressure that us high level Internet journalists are under? We create countless hours of amusement, entertainment and edification for them and they thank us by heckling a rare slip of the keyboard.

I must confess that I made a similar mistake last weekend over at the Savage Science (http://www.thesavagescience.com). Mine was even more egregious as I referred to "Frank Shamrock" as "Ken Shamrock". Kudos to the commenter that corrected me, as he was actually cool about it and didn't call me a fucktard or anything like that.

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