Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Kimbo Slice got KTFO in 14 seconds

Kimbo Slice got KTFO in 14 seconds

by DCScrap, on 205th magazine

14 seconds. That's all it took for Elite XC's top draw to get his lights turned out by a guy 99% of the world has never heard of, Seth Petruzelli.

If I was Ken Shamrock, I'd be figuring out what I am going to do in my retirement, because the odds of him getting another fight in a major promotion should be about zero right now.

In case you missed it, Ken Shamrock sustained a cut above his eye "warming up" earlier in the day and was not medically cleared to fight leaving Slice to fight someone on only hours notice. So, basically Shamrock's stupidity in not being more careful on the day of the fight cost Elite XC their meal ticket (albeit a 90% hype - 10% skill meal ticket).

Gina Carano also won her fight. Video here...

By the way, I keep seeing comments around the Web from fans saying that Kimbo only had a couple of hours to prepare to for Petruzelli, so he should be given a pass. Last time I checked, Petruzelli had the same couple of hours, stepped up a weight class (he was supposed to fight a light-heavyweight last night), and still managed to knock Kimbo the hell out in 14 seconds. Save the excuses, Kimbo apologists. Kimbo is supposed to be the "fight anyone, anywhere" guy, not Petruzelli, but look who won, easily.

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World of Isaac said...

was that a phantom punch?

DCScrap said...

It wasn't a phantom cut above his eye and swelling under it, so I'd say no. Just a phantom MMA fighter.

Ash said...

What the hell was that about last night?!!! OMG kimbo got punked.


Pi said...

Seth didn't have a choice. Did you happen to see the look on Kimbo's face before the match??

Seth HAD to go for the kill. It's pure Human survival instinct.

what would you have done??


If I was Kimbo I would have taken the kid for granted too...

Congrats to that kid Petruzzlli.
He won't get off so easy next time tho.

One werd.


SHAM-Rock needs to be tossed.
Let him fight the glorious ladies of wrestling, faggot.

Anonymous said...
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