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Memo to 'Skins fans; your team's not as good as you think

by Matt Loede, NFL Gridiron Gab

Brown kicks the game-winner

The bandwagon that once was the Washington Redskins will find itself with a lot less riders come Monday morning. After four straight wins, the Redskins yawned their way into Sunday’s matchup with the winless St.Louis Rams, only to find themselves on the losing end after a Josh Brown 49-yard field goal on the last play of the game 19-17.

For the Skins, it was like a slap in the face going for a good-night kiss. They were pumping their chests after two road wins in Dallas and Philly, but quickly were brought back down to earth by a Rams team that not only had not won a game, but also had fired their coach and had already changed QB’s, only to go back to their opening day starter - Marc Bulger.

The Rams were able to build a nine-point 4th quarter lead with just one offensive TD, as well as being dominated in the stat columns. But, after Clinton Portis took in a two-yard run to make it 17-16 Skins with 3:47 left, the Skins D forgot to play defense, and allowed Bulger and the Rams to go from their 24 and move to the Skins 21 in 3:40 to allow Brown to kick the game-winner.

Washington outgained the Rams 368 to 200, had 21 first downs to their 8, and ran for 181 yards to the Rams 76. Doesn’t matter. In the end the Skins should take a hard look at again who they are, which is a young team that has a ways to go before they can count themselves among the NFL elite. This game was a sure sign that it’s a league that you can always say - "on any given Sunday."

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