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A simple yet neat college basketball sim

by SSReporters, Stupid Sideline Reporters

It's a simple game called Be the Coach, created by Kessler Freedman. All the teams are real and almost all of them are in the right conference (some got moved due to programming issues I'm thinking). The players however are fictional, because the NCAA is mean about names and trademarks. Here is how you play it before you click on that link that will lead you to the game at the bottom.

  • You pick a conference and pick your team then type in whatever name you want.
  • Once you sign up, you are under contract through 2012, and you are given the previous coach's players.
  • You're given the list of returnees, as well as a list of fresh meat to recruit. They can be high school kids or transfers, either way, click the check box on the far right on the players you want. Please note that you aren't guaranteed every recruit, you could end up with all you asked for, but there is always a chance you come up empty handed.
  • Go to tryouts, and click the players you want on your squad. You have to pick 8 players, no more, no less. The list include returnees, recruits, and walk-ons.
  • Once you make your final cuts you are ready to go! This game for now only schedules conference games, but Mr. Freedman has stated that he will think about adding 1 or 2 non-conference games, it is still a baby ya know.
  • The standings table will show where the "Experts" have you finishing. Once you're ready to play, the schedule slate is yours to look at, and the betting spread is there to see if you may get blown out or pull of an upset.
  • So the season is over, you've finished 8-6, 3rd place, did you make it to the dance? The final table will determine whether or not you get the letter, and when you scroll down you get a list of your returnees for the next season.
  • Where are you seeded? Look who you have to face and get ready to simulate the entire tournament (I'll note some interesting things about this tourney later on).
  • Every NCAA tournament win means a contract extension, but a loss means your contract remains unchanged. If you can't get 1 tournament win in 4 seasons then it's out the door you go.
  • Should you win the title, you will be rewarded with a 5 year, $50 million contract extension and that means you're set for a while.
  • You repeat the process for up to 50 seasons, but like any basketball program, you'll experience 14-0 seasons and 1-13 disasters, so recruit wisely. Ya never know when you can get a top recruit to add to your team.
  • The option to retire is always there for you, and if you're good, then you get on the coaching honor roll.
That's about it. Now since I've finally mastered this, here are some tips and notes:
  • Players are ranked 1-10 in the 4 disciplines of the game (offense, defense, boards, and how clutch you are), and the average score will equal the player's overall talent. So if you recruit a freshman that has a 7.75 overall ranking, you're happy.
  • Once the season is over, players will see some skill improvements, which increases their overall score, and possibly get media attention like All-Conference of even National Player of the Year.
  • More of a cheat code really, but if things don't go your way, use the back button on your browser and start over until you win the whole thing.
  • It is a programming based game, so the seedings are quite ridiculous. Sure you can get a #1 seed, but when you see Tennessee Tech as the #1 overall seed (which is #1 East region), you scratch your head. It is quite common for some no name school to win it all and get higher seeds, and there is currently a vote on whether or not seedings should favor traditional powers.
  • I notice tournament games have no defense. The lowest score I've seen is something like 74-67, and the national title game can see 101- 91 finishes.
  • Nothing is a given, #16 seeds seem to beat #1 seeds every other tournament, so there is hope for you (or a 30 point loss, but....).
Here's the link to the game, hope this game gets you prepared for college b-ball.

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