Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 10 reasons for Philly Fan to hate the Rays

Top 10 reasons for Philly Fan to hate the Rays

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

Hey, Philly Fan! Finding it hard to work yourself up into a good lather over your upcoming World Series opponent? As always, the Carnival is here to help.

10. There's always that lingering Bucs NFC Championship Game loss to make this a Revenge Match

9. Depending on your point of view and poll, a reprehensible number of them are going to vote The Wrong Way in the election

8. Their shaky manager isn't as lovable as your shaky manager, seeing as his mom's alive

7. The Rays' ten years of misery is nothing compared to the Phillies' century-plus

6. In a way, maybe they did win that Kevin Stocker for Bobby Abreu trade

5. After the season is over, the weather there won't make their fans want to kill themselves

4. The Rays actually play in St. Petersburg, and Philly Fan hates sloppy geography with a passion

3. The 19,519 people in the 8 million person Philly metro area that care about the NHL are still bitter about the 2003-04 playoffs

2. When their girls go wild, it doesn't involve binge eating

1. Their baseball team is going to try to win, just to spite you

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