Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 11 reasons to root for the Rays

Top 11 reasons to root for the Rays

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

11. By losing the Devil from their name and becoming good, they make your older relatives think that something in the world still makes sense

10. There's a reasonable chance that you might be the most famous Rays fan

9. They are so young, the average player is only making 10 times your annual salary, not 100

8. With so many pro wrestlers in the fan base, not rooting for them might result in a chair shot

7. This may be your last chance to root for an Upton without wincing

6. It's not like the other AL playoff teams are in any way redeemable

5. Thanks to MLB's refusal to share revenue in any meaningful way, there's no chance they'll become a tiresome dynasty

4. Their god-awful Wacky Stadium brings back warm and fuzzy memories of bad multi-purpose stadiums from the past (Olympique, Kingdome, Astrodome)

3. Many of their players aren't old enough to drink the liquor they are spraying

2. Until very recently, an incredibly economical jersey purchase

1. Every time Mets Fan sees Scott Kazmir, he dies a little more inside

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