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Alison Carroll: The new Angelina

by Mr. E, Staff Writer

While Angelina Jolie is off adopting kids and wearing entirely too many articles of clothes in movies like Changeling, British gymnast Alison Carroll is doing her best to make up for Jolie's ball dropping by donning Lara Croft gear at the Micromania Games Show held in Paris, France.

In an interview, Carroll gave a Playboy-esque list of "turn-on's" that included paint ball, horse riding and scuba diving. Guns, riding things and getting wet sounds like quite the trifecta to me. More pictures of the Lara Croft lookalike below. If you have a thing for boobs and really hot chicks, you're in luck.

Your move, Angelina.

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Moshe said...

Alison carol is doing a very great job and no doubt that she is a very pretty girl and I do like her very much and the pictures are really great.

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