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And the Pistons window of opportunity just slammed shut

by Andrew, The Grand National Championships


By trading for Billups and McDyess for Allan Iverson, Joe Dumars has tilted the balance of power in the Eastern Conference. Away from Detroit. Now that my Skip Baylessian opening has you're attention? Let me break it down for you.

1. Who's going to be the Sixth Man?

Now it's likely going to still be the magical heir to the Stucky fortune, Rodney Stuckey. But that's an issue. Why? They would have no point guard. Allen Iverson is a sexy scorer. But if you're asking him to distribute? It is as if you're asking Jon Glaser not to have an awesome voice or Tim and Eric to try and make the standard hilarious. It just cannot happen.

Of course, if Tayshaun Prince goes to the bench? Never mind that. They can go three guards and be awesome.

2. Two crazy guys on one team never works.

While Sheed has mellowed slightly, you replace a team leader with a dominant personality. I will guarantee that there will be reports of infighting before the new year. AI is a scorer and this has been a team based on unity. Billups-led unity.

3. Jason Maxiel.

Too foul-prone.

4. Cheikh Samb.

He was ready to turn into something magic. Yeah.

But now that's not going to happen.

I know Dumars has a plan. But in the Luxury Tax era, can he execute it? Signs point to no.

2 comment(s):

World of Isaac said...

They plan on using Tay as a point forward...

At least thats the word in Detroit

DMtShooter said...

You weren't getting past the Celtics with Billups. So why not roll the dice with a contract year AI? He gets a lot of assists for a guy that isn't a point, and they've got the bigs to protect him on defense. If it doesn't work out, his contract is off the books and you're clear to chase a free agent -- perhaps that Bosh fellow that you whiffed on for Darko. It's defensible on every level for Detroit.

Denver Fan? He's watching an NBDL franchise with a too-old point who can't guard the guards out West. Good luck with that.

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