Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Bally | 11.26.08

The Bally | 11.26.08

Babes: Valentina Dessi has nice lips
Video: Porn stars, toilets and redneck roller-coasters...
Babes: No mincing words here, Eliza Dushku is freaking hot
Stuff: 20 random drunk celebrity pictures

Babes: Tiffany Selby is a sexy friend
Babes: Kristin Cavallari is like a hot apple pie
Stuff: The Skidmark Bandit attempts to rob golf pro shop
Stuff: Things went wrong for Mickey

Babes: Hotties in the Wild
Stuff: Don't F with the nudists
Babes: Blake Lively stunning for Australia
Sports: What's the best name in Roller Derby?

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