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Julianne Hough leaving Dancing with the Stars

by Moondog, The World According to Moondog

Budding country music star Julianne Hough is quitting the reality show Dancing with the Stars so she can concentrate on making music.

As reported earlier this week, Miss Hough (pronounced Huff) will not appear on the final episode next week due to her partner, actor Cody Linley, falling ill with a nasty bout of endometriosis.

Julianne has risen to fame as a professional dancer on the hit show, and has successfully used the program as a platform to launch her singing career.

After Hough and Linley were eliminated from the show earlier this week, she has decided not to return.

Hough says, "I won't be on Dancing this spring season. I don't know about the fall. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see."

"I'm definitely going to focus on the music. My first album was a learning experience, and I can't wait for the next one. I feel like the writing and producing will be even better, really awesome."

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