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More chicks to join SNL

by Mr. E, Staff Writer

New York Magazine is reporting that Saturday Night Live is about to double their cast of females as two comedians named Abby Elliot and Michaela Watkins - both whom I've never heard of in my entire life - will suit up for Team SNL. Funny thing is, I totally forgot that there was any other females aside from Amy Poehler; and she just had to go get knocked up.

Fear not: I did the important digging for all of you. And the answers: The Watkins girl has some potential to be hot, but I fear that she's going more for that Sarah-Silverman-Wal-Mart-shopper look. Now, this Abby Elliot looks great on paper. Dirty, even. But I just worry that it is one of those iceberg photos where the majority of the mass just happened to not make the picture.

You may call me a skeptic. But this just makes me look for more evidence; something I'm definitely willing to do. To hold us over, how about some Tina Fey?

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