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Scummy Red Sox

by Brian P. Foley, The College Baseball Blog

The Red Sox are the dirtiest team in MLB in getting rid of players. There is not debate on this after what I see happening to Manny Ramirez right now.

Manny started listening to offers from teams this past Friday at 12:01 am. All of a sudden on Saturday afternoon, ESPN comes out with a report that Manny was presented with a letter for a suspension for refusing to play. The letter was also forwarded to the MLBPA, MLB, and Scott Boras.

This letter of suspension is fine and dandy since the Red Sox never actually followed through with suspending Manny but why was this letter not leaked to the media before this past Saturday? I know why, because the Red Sox want to continue to bring Manny's name through the mud even though his is not in the organization.

They did the same thing with Nomar Garciaparra by leaking out information on how he was unhappy being in Boston. After Derek Lowe left for free agency, all the media types in Boston starting to talk about D-Lowe's party attitude after games in the local Boston clubs. Derek Lowe was the heart and soul of that 2004 team as he won every deciding game in that playoff run. Theo and his cronies decided to get rid of him and to protect themselves from negative media put out that story on him.

Lets get some fair and balanced reporting on how the Red Sox treat their former employees and recognize that this is a corrupt organization that is just after one thing. YOUR MONEY!!

4 comment(s):

SoxAddict said...

You're totally right. How dare they tell the truth about a scumbag that pushed down an old man (not once, but twice.)


DMtShooter said...

C'mon, BF. If you're going to bash the Sox, at least play the Race Card. You brought knives to a gun fight there.

Brian P. Foley said...

This isn't just a Manny issue...It is an issue with any player they get rid of. They really drag them through the mud once they leave.

Also, the Boston Globe (aka New York Times company) owns a piece of the Boston Red Sox so you are not getting a fair view of the Red Sox anymore. NESN will never rip the Sox since the Sox own the station. It goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and it really could even be true!

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