Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Sideshow | 11.20.08

The Sideshow | 11.20.08

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BABES: Angelina Jolie in the pages of Harper's Bazaar
BABES: Erin Andrews' body in 3D dream could come true
BABES: The Ed Hardy lingerie show was good too
SPORTS: Browns' GM Phil Savage tells hecklers to f--k off
STUFF: This is the kind of passed out you don't want to be

VIDEO: Yet another stunt gone wrong
BABES: Did Jessica Biel film a nude scene?
STUFF: Has Bill Simmons overplayed his cards at ESPN?
STUFF: Real men shop at Home Depot
VIDEO: Maury Povich once again redefines hard hitting journalism

BABES: Hollywood's top butterfaces
VIDEO: Warren Sapp apologizes to Keyshawn
BABES: The Texans Cheerleaders looked pretty damned hot
STUFF: The 16 best "creepy old man" photobombs
SPORTS: Now, will he pull the Clemens?

STUFF: Win a Chris Bosh jersey
BABES: Bikini and peace go together
BABES: 10 sexiest GQ photo shoots
SPORTS: An interview with golf babe Paula Creamer
SPORTS: David Beckham seen chatting up a brunette not named Posh

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