Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Sideshow | 11.21.08

The Sideshow | 11.21.08

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BABES: Miss COED: Celeste Thorson
BABES: Bethany Joy Galeotti is taken
BABES: Yes, another topless British babe... Nicola McLean
VIDEO: 10 videos on why you should keep watching North Carolina basketball
SPORTS: Five reasons why Chad Johnson was late for a meeting

VIDEO: Badminton just got sexy
SPORTS: Bill Cowher leaving CBS to coach the Browns?
SPORTS: Time for Pacman to be a man
STUFF: Top ten vampires in pop culture
STUFF: Bill Simmons is not an aviation expert

BABES: The Arizona Rattlers Dance Team
VIDEO: Real life Carls from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
VIDEO: The sissiest pipe wrench fight ever
BABES: Kelly Brook wants to sell you something
SPORTS: The Grey Cup is this weekend so now you have plans!

BABES: Boobs just look classy in black and white
SPORTS: Operation Puerto's doctor said to dope up 1992 Spanish Olympic team
VIDEO: How not to wash a car
BABES: Hotties in the Wild
SPORTS: More Cribbs on Sunday?

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