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Top 10 things to be thankful for in sports

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

10. High definition television. It doesn't make that big of a difference in basketball or baseball, but football, especially when you get that overhead shot of a kickoff... it's stellar. I've stayed with terrible games in HD rather than go to the non-defined feed, and I can't imagine I'm the only one.

9. The statistical revolution. When I was a wee lad, advanced statistical analysis was rare and unusual. They were also usually limited to yearly annual books that people thought you were weird to read. Now, people still think that, but as in many things, it's more than OK to geek out -- and in multiple sports.

8. Blogfrica. Not to get all warm and cuddly about this, but there are any number of sites and writers that have enriched my enjoyment of sports, and inspired me to write.

7. Online fantasy sports. I'm old enough to have done these offline. Trust me, it wasn't better.

6. YouTube. I have no idea why Google wants to spend an ungodly amount of money on the bandwidth for video clips online, but for as long as they want to subsidize Blogfrica, let the good times roll.

5. The Phillies are world champions. We no longer have to hear about how awful it is to be a Phiadelphaia sports fan. At least, well, not for another couple of decades.

4. MLB. Despite the worst ownership situation, a constant and irritating fundamental unfairness based on the lack of meaningful revenue sharing, and a commissioner situation that's sucked for so long, generations of fans are certain that there's no other way it can be... well, 90 feet between bases is still perfect, it's still the best value for attending in person, and pitchers and catchers report in about 80 days or so. And if you've never had the experience of going to spring training commands, you've missed out on something great.

3. The growing social acceptance of casual gambling. Go ahead, pick against the spread. Heck, talk about how a spread was covered on national television with a knowing wink. Openly discuss the odds for various contingencies. It's all OK now. You won't even get an intervention for it anymore. Yay, casual vice!

2. NBA. A worldwide talent pool. A genuinely meaningful regular season. Teams that are judged not just on their won-loss record, but even their aesthetic worth. Sure, it's far from perfect; the Seattle rape rankles and will continue to rankle, and the fact that the top teams are very stratified isn't great, unless you are a Celtic or Laker fan. (And if you are, go screw.)

1. NFL. Ib terns of importance and awareness, the NFL is basically the number one through five sports in the NFL, with an embarrassing lack of product for the amount of demand. But you can still, as a sports blogger, hit this every day of the week and make your readers happy. The same is just not true of the other sports, especially in off-season.

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Anonymous said...

"Basically the number one through five sports in the NFL"


DMtShooter said...

Made it more clear on the edit. Oh, sweet crack, I might be most thankful for you...

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