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Top 10 World Series of Poker questions

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

10. Given that the winner is sitting there with an ungodly amount of loose cash, why are they not immediately attacked by armed gangsters, or, well, the crowd?

9. When you win millions of dollars in a tournament, how much do you tip the dealer?

8. How did they manage to fit all of the players in the theater and still have room for Phil Hellmuth's ego?

7. Are IRS agents waiting by the table, or do they hang out in the parking lot?

6. Why do so many poker players have damaged retinas, given the number of sunglasses worn indoors?

5. When different players have rooting sections, do they thrown down during commercial breaks?

4. If all of these poker web sites that advertise during the tournament are not gambling web sites and people just play for free, how do they afford the commercial time?

3. Has anyone ever told Norman Chad that ex-wife jokes say more about him than they do about his exes?

2. Is ESPN contractually required to show every bad beat and awful suck-out win?

1. Speaking as a player myself... how exactly are poker players athletes again?

2 comment(s):

Steven said...

You forgot the biggest question of all.

Who the hell is Peter Eastgate?

DMtShooter said...

Agreed, though that's true of every WSOP winner now, isn't it?

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