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Top 11 continuing NFL telecast mysteries

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

11. Is there ever a case where a quarterback throws a ball away that can be criticized?

10. When did the word "athletic" develop a fourth vowel and syllable?

9. Is there some reason why we have to see fans in costume?

8. Does anyone who is watching a football game want to pay to see Tom Cruise in an eyepatch fail to kill Hitler?

7. Is there any living creature that thinks the artificial yellow first down line *is* official?

6. Are there really people who are expecting to watch "60 Minutes" at 7pm EST during football season?

5. What drunken idiot decided that the Texans needed to be on prime time?

4. Does anyone really care which teams' fans travel to see road games?

3. I get that airplane bag fees are annoying, but are your possessions and luggage really worth less than $80, and does anyone actually travel without a credit card?

2. Are the NFL Network promos for upcoming Thursday night scrub games written by the learning disabled as part of some kind of equal opportunity program?

1. When a team is losing, why is the only player who merits a reaction shot the losing team's quarterback?

2 comment(s):

Tracer Bullet said...

Is any interception ever the QB's fault? How can some goofball in the booth know what route the receiver was running when the QB sailed a pass gently into a defender's hands?

Josh said...

How is every deflected pass "almost intercepted"? The DB can launch his body at a receiver, be completely parallel to the ground, tip away the pass with his pinkie, and it was "almost a pick."

No Joshin

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