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Top 11 reasons why I hate the NFL Network

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

11. They are just trying to gouge the good people at Comcast, Cablevision, and several other fine providers of cable television programming that I'm trying to hit up for ads on my blog

10. Employed Bryant Gumbel for reasons entirely unrelated to the removal of fecal matter

9. Makes me associate Harry Kalas with a non-championship sports product

8. Contributes to the slow bleed movement among the NFL to make my Sunday afternoons less interesting

7. Gives ESPN's wanker-riffic Gregg Easterbrook something else to fill his wordhole about that isn't really football

6. Seems to be staffed entirely by ex-players who think everything is very, very funny

5. Inflicts the Cleveland Browns on a larger portion of the populace than is absolutely necessary

4. Screws up my picks and fantasy leagues with non-standard scheduling

3. Allows the NFL to continue to act like it's a 24/7/365 league, despite the fact that there are no games that matter from February through August (give us a real spring league already, in this country with real rules and players, you freaking morons!)

2. Makes Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) show up on the television, which makes me remember how he's responsible for Clarence Thomas, Spygate, and the JFK Assassination

1. Like 98% of the rest of the NFL-interested public, I don't get it

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