Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 12 reasons why Andy Reid is starting Donovan McNabb on Thursday

Top 12 reasons why Andy Reid is starting Donovan McNabb on Thursday

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

A day after a disastrous loss in Baltimore, aided and abetted by a questionable benching of starting quarterback Donovan McNabb for back-up Kevin Kolb, Eagle coachbag Andy Reid announced today that he's going back to McNabb to start this Thursday's indigestion-fest against Arizona. What were the factors that led to his decision?

12. In the middle of Ed Reed's 108-yard TAInt, started to wonder if, perhaps, Kolb wasn't exactly ready

11. By playing McNabb, he can continue to avoid the question as to why there are no healthy running backs on the roster

10. Kolb didn't bring the right donuts this morning

9. Wants to make sure McNabb has one good last booing at home

8. Having made the wrong decision Sunday, needed to make the wrong decision Monday as well

7. Now coaching the team purely for the ratings benefit of sports talk radio

6. Has gone stark raving insane, and had to be talked out of starting all three quarterbacks on the roster at wideout, as part of the most devastating "wildcat" formation yet

5. Melted in McNabb's sad, puppy-dog eyes when he finally actually talked to him, since he delegated the news of the benching on Sunday like a bitch

4. Doug Pederson was unavailable

3. Was secretly taken over by one of his druggie kids in a fat suit

2. Had a vision during his 3am "Fifth Meal" of bacon-filled donuts dunked in gravy

1. Is actively trying to get fired, so he can finally stop eating

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