Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Bally | 12.1.08

The Bally | 12.1.08

Babes: Jenn Sterger is officially a cougar
Babes: Scarlett Johansson is topless... sort of...
Video: Woman hit with folder, acts like she's been shot
Babes: Wake up with Kellie Maines
Babes: A collection of the Hottest Girls on G4 TV

Sports: 15 of baseball's obvious steroid users as Garbage Pail Kids
Babes: Anna Kournikova can still melt butter
Babes: A hot or not update on how NBA teams are looking so far
Stuff: Economy down, SPAM sales up.
Babes: Danielle Lloyd lookin' good in a bikini poolside

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