Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Britney Spears performs, looks pretty damn good

Britney Spears performs, looks pretty damn good

by Mr. E, Staff Writer

To me, nothing says "Good Morning America" like some midriff and lip syncing. Thankfully, we do not have to mute the pictures below as Britney Spears is apparently back on the scene. Performing a song from her aptly named new album Circus, Spears took to a stage looking considerably better than she did during that whole head-shaving phase.

Since I'm not shallow, I'm willing to forget that whole period of her life and just focus on those that were more fruitful. And thin. That's how nice of a guy I am.

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A.j. Perra said...

I love Britneys' new album...CIRCUS!!!! It's new and fresh sounding!!! She did a fierce job on this cd. She also wrote over 4 songs on this current cd. You can tell that she is trying and has hope again. She has shown us that you are able to pick yourself up from your lowest point in life and start over and get back on the right track!!! I give this album a 10!!!! and reccomend it to everyone...she really shares some raw material that explains what she had went thru the past year...she's being honest and being very humble!!! She's human and we all have proof of that...So, support our QUEEN of POP!!!

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