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Top 10 amazing but true NFL facts

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

10. A week after losing because they didn't run the ball, the Jets lost to the Niners in a game where they... ran it 12 times for 59 yards

9. There is, in fact, no NFL law on the books that prevents the Cardinals from hosting a playoff game

8. The Eagles can, in fact, win a game against a good opponent, on the road, in the division, through this wacky tactic called "running plays"

7. When Buffalo plays a game in Toronto, it doesn't seem to do very much for its home field advantage

6. Despite the fact that he's been on the losing end of a great deal of football games, Terrell Owens still screams and cries like a little girl when it happens again

6. Minnesota actually trailed for most of its game against Detroit, and became the first professional football team ever to be concerned when Gus Frerotte got hurt

5. On a day where their quarterback was sacked another five times, they ran the ball 26 times for 70 yards, they scored one offensive touchdown (and that was with two minutes left), and they gave up 166 yards to a backup running back making his first NFL start... the Steelers more or less wrapped up the #2 seed in the AFC

4. There were three, count 'em, three blocked field goals in the Eagles-Giants game today, and if not for a garbage time touchdown, they would have been the source of the defending Super Bowl champions' only points

3. Denver will go to the playoffs after a 2-1 home record in the worst division in the history of football; one of those wins was the result of referee rape, and the second was a 7-point "triumph" over a 2-10 team

2. In their first big blowout win in months, the Colts still managed to more or less completely screw fantasy owners (Joseph Addai, 36 yards and no touchdowns, Reggie Wayne, 48 yards and no touchdowns)

1. Every single game in Week 14 held playoff implications, mostly because only 9 of the 32 teams in this parity pity party were actually out of contention

4 comment(s):

Barbie said...

LOL @ number 6!! It's scary when you're concerned over Gus' health haha

Anonymous said...

Hhmm...a tie at #6?

Josh said...

How about Wade Phillips' wannabe George Costanza gortex coat? I swear, the guy looked like his mommy overdressed him before sending him to catch the school bus.

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest list I have ever seen. Really, how does #10 even make the list... I was thinking this was an over the history thing not nit picky bs over the most retarded things... thanks for wasting my time.

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