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Could Cowher Find His Way to the Sidelines in Jets Green?

by Matt Loede, NFL Gridiron Gab

While the Jets are looking for a new coach a name has jumped to the top of the list already, and it could be the biggest fish in the sea in terms of available coaches - former Steelers coach Bill Cowher. There are already reports going around the Cowher WOULD be interested in going to New York to coach the Jets. This news is of extreme interest after "the chin" came out and told the Browns he would not coach in 2009.

Now of course a lot of money can change anyone's mind, and there is a report that the Jets may actually offer Cowher a deal that would give him the most money a coach has ever made. The report says that the team may offer him a five-year deal at $10 million per year. Yes, do the math - a $50 million dollar deal to coach in the biggest media market in the country.

Cowher has seemed at ease the last two seasons being on CBS as a commentator on Sundays. He already makes a nice salary from that, and also makes good money from doing motivational speeches around the country. The biggest question now will simply be - is the itch for Cowher extreme enough to scratch it, and take a job that in the end could make or break his Hall of Fame career.

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