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Does anyone even care about the Heisman anymore?

by WCT, The Ship of Fools

They will be awarding the Heisman Trophy tomorrow, and maybe its just me, but I cannot remember a less talked about race leading up to the award.

Colt McCoy, the guy who would get my vote, has had the quietest campaign of any front-runner in recent memory. Where were the interviews? Where were the big-time nationally televised games for him to strut his stuff (besides the Red River game on October 11th) Where was the media blitz? Last year we knew everything about Tim Tebow before he won, do you feel like McCoy has had that same exposure this year?

How about Sam Bradford? Has there ever been a quarterback with gaudier numbers that didn't really inspire much amazement? There is a very Ken Dorsey-ish, Jason White-esque quality to Bradford, in that he is surrounded by talent (2 1,000 yard runners in his backfield), puts up stats that seem somewhat inflated, and doesn't seem like he would make a good pro. Not that pro career prospects should be used in determining if a guy is Heisman-worthy, but there just seems to be something missing from him. Have you ever seen a guy with his type of numbers that didn't really "wow" you? Would you pay to see Sam Bradford play?

Tim Tebow, last years winner, was announced yesterday as a finalist once again, but I feel like no one was hyping him for this award before November. Not only that, but when compared to last year, his '08 almost seems pedestrian.

And what about Graham Harrell? Yes, he lost in a blow-out to Bradford head-to-head, but its hard to ignore what he did all year. And he, like the other QBs invited to New York, had a 1-loss season. Not only that, but he doesn't play defense. Its not his fault that OU was able to hang 65 on his team. What about his 2-time Biletnikoff award winning teammate Michael Crabtree? He can't get a seat in New York?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I seem to remember Heisman campaigns where we outlined the front-runners in August, and followed their stats from week-to-week, ranking them, and re-ranking them as they one-upped each other. I remember eye-popping highlights of Reggie Bush returning punts for TDs, and Troy Smith scrambling and heaving the ball downfield, and Ron Dayne rumbling through defenses on another long TD run. Where are the highlights from this crew? What will be your memory of Colt McCoy's 2008 season? What image of Sam Bradford do you have in your head? Maybe that play when he was diving for a TD and was flipped in the air? To me, this years group seems somewhat uninspiring, and I feel like Tebow is almost being thrown into the mix by default as the reigning winner. I guess I will watch the ceremony, if I have nothing better to do, but I will also remember 2008 as the year the Heisman got a lot less interesting.

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