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Hey, Jennifer Aniston. Give me back my tie!

by Mr. E, Staff Writer

Only true patriots are patriotic outside of July 4th. And only true patriots wear nothing but a red, white and blue tie while posing for the cover of Gentlemen's Quarterly...which is actually a monthly magazine. Beats the heck out of me. But check out the pictures below and you can beat the heck out of you.

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msc said...

Ladies - before you get intimidated by that tie photo - do this. (I did, so I know.) Get a tie from your husband's closet - get naked - mimic that pose. It's a deceptively clever, and super-flattering way they have her sitting - hides the little bulges and whatnot! Tee Hee! (I'm a few years older than Ms. Aniston, and it works for me.) If your husband is watching, leave the high heels on - he'll get a kick out of it. (And even a bigger kick because you're not sharing your body with anyone who walks past a newstand.) She may be rich and famous, but her body doesn't put us all to shame.

Mr. E said...

msc - Don't kid yourself. Hit the gym.

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