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I want a meat eater

by , SimonOnSports

We here at EC are subjected to countless amounts of email some tremendous but most of them begging for money for some poor family in the Ivory Coast. Today we were hit with an email from PETA of all places. They sent us a link to their new ad campaign featuring a former Cowboy cheerleader that is buck ass naked and obviously ridiculously hot until you read the words she wants to tell you. The slogan for the campaign isn't anti-fur, or anti-killing Barbaro, or anti-Mascots or whatever the hell PETA usually bitches about. Nope it was "Bank on Your Health, Go Vegetarian."

Sorry Bonnie-Jill, but Vegetarian is not sexy. Rather meat eaters are sexy. Knowing and enjoying the fact that you are on the top of the food chain and eat what animal you want when you want is sexy. Being ridiculous hot just isn't always enough.

I Want a Girl Who's Ready to Devour a Massive Turkey LegI Want a Girl Who Gets Googily Eyed Over a BurgerI Want a Girl Who's Not Afraid of Swimming around in a Little Meat Sauce
And to all of this I say, have we learned nothing during this financial crisis? Banks suck, Screw Banking on Anything, Enjoy a God Damn Burger.

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