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Its rough in the Groh family

by WCT, The Ship of Fools

Admittedly, there is precious little for the college football blogger to opine on in the second week in December. Bowl season has yet to fire up - 10 days till something called the Eagle Bank Bowl - and the only meaningful action comes in the form of recruiting news, and coaching hirings and firings. That's why the movements on the coaching staff at the University of Virginia caught my eye this week. Al Groh, who in retrospect probably should have never left the New York Jets, and has accomplished little in his years at UVA, shook up his coaching staff by firing (forcing to resign, whatever) 2 defensive assistants, and worst of all, his offensive coordinator. Can you believe that?

Right, forgot to mention, his OC is his son, Mike Groh.

Deflecting blame for the Cavs' 5-7 record and 104th ranked offense is one thing, so is docking your kid's allowance when he does a crappy job mowing the lawn, but publicly making your son the scapegoat for your own professional failures, that's really low. I have never worked for my dad as an adult, but I could imagine that if I did, and he were to fire me, that would be pretty scarring. Jeff Bowden could probably recommend a good therapist to Mike.

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