Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Larry Fitzgerald spikes his women

Larry Fitzgerald spikes his women

by Mr. E, Staff Writer

About a year ago from this time, the hot rumor was that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald knocked up a Oakland Raiderette, Angela Nazario. Keeping up with the annual festivities, Fitzgerald and Nazario are in the news once again - but this time due to some domestic violence.

Larry Fitzgerald — the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals — has been ordered to stay away from his baby mama and his 11-month-old son after he allegedly knocked her around a room and pulled her hair out. [...]

Fitzgerald then turned from playful to enraged, allegedly pushing Nazario down to her knees. She claims he “grabbed me by my hair with both hands on the back of my head very very hard and tossed me across the room.”

Nazario admits to starting the issue by clocking the wide receiver in the face. I can see how that may not be construed as "playful." I'm sure this is just what the Cardinals had in mind as they head into the playoffs. Your move, Anquan.

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