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One more step to football immortality

by WCT, The Ship of Fools

We're all cheering for this, right? At this point, I feel like we all want to be witnesses to the history-makers that are the 2008 Detroit Lions, so that one day, when we are old and gray, we can tell our grandkids that we saw the most hapless, hopeless, horrific abomination of an NFL football team in history. I have neglected to write about this pursuit until now because I thought that it might be too early to think about it, or I might jinx it - it was a year ago, almost to the day, that I jinxed the 2007 Dolphins in their quest of football ineptitude - but with 15 down and 1 to play, I can remain silent no longer.

Yesterday, the Lions played a game that I thought was their best chance for victory number one in 2008. Their games had been getting closer and closer (they were tied or led late in games vs. Minnesota and Indianapolis in the last 2 weeks) and had a choking Saints team, that had been eliminated from playoff contention with nothing to play for, coming to Ford Field. Then that happened. A 35-point, homefield pummeling by New Orleans, and an 0-15 record.

Do I feel bad for this Lions team? Absolutely not. They are paid professionals and they have no one to blame for their incompetence but themselves. Well, themselves, and ex-GM Matt Millen, who somehow assembled a roster of 53 football players completely bereft of any discernible talent or ability to play together as a team (tough to do when you are drafting at or near the top for the better part of a decade). Do you know who I do feel bad for? I feel bad for the person (and he or she most certainly exists) who lives in Detroit, is a fan of the Lions, fan of the Tigers, fan of the Michigan Wolverines, and is employed by General Motors. This person, provided that he or she not already taken his or her own life, has had a rough go of it in 2008.

So the only thing standing in our way is the spectacular failure that is, the 2008 Green Bay Packers. The Packers, who take on the Bears tonight in another lame late-season Monday night game, have disappointed fans all season, but can make everything right in a lot of people's eyes (well, in my eyes) if they can just muster enough to get a win in week 17 and give us all what we want. Personally, I'm a Browns fan. I usually have no reason to be at all interested in NFL play after October 1. This year, I have been riveted to the Lions each week through their pursuit of infamy. They have come this far, can't they just finish the job?

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