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Shanahan fired now

by Brian P. Foley, The College Baseball Blog

How many more NFL Coaches will be fired when Mike Shanahan gets canned from the Denver Broncos after being with the team for 14 years with a 146-91 record. He was fired over the fact of his 24-24 record over the last 3 seasons and the team losing their last three games to fall out of the playoff picture. He joins Eric Mangini of the Jets, Rob Marinelli of the Lions, and Romeo Crennel to be canned in the first two days of the off season.

Why are we seeing so many firings?

I think it is the fact that many GM's and owners believe that their respective teams can turn it around much faster then humanely possible. If a coach has one down season, the GM or owner is automatically looking to the next great assistant coach to take over their team. Look at Eric Mangini and Romeo Crennel who both got hired after the Patriots had some outstanding defenses. Both coaches made the playoffs in their first years but were never able to replicate that success.

The other reason, I think we are seeing so many coaching changes is the fact that our economy is in a major recession. Many teams are going to lose many sponsors if they have a losing team. Even winning teams might end up losing a ton of sponsors. This economy is always going to affect some of the bigger sponsorships in the industy.

Why do you think we are seeing so many coaches losing their jobs?

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