Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Sideshow | 12.11.08

The Sideshow | 12.11.08

Babe: University of Minnesota Playboy Model Missy Tarrington
Babes: Miranda Kerr in her bra for some magazine
Stuff: Sinister Grill... Put down the tongs and back away slowly...
Sports: Week 15 NFL Picks
Babes: Gemma Atkinson wakes us up

Stuff: Top fifty guy movies of the 1990's
Video: Cheerleading nuns in Sardinia
Babes: The Battle in California: USC Song Girls vs. USC Cheerleaders
Babes: These women would eat you for breakfast
Video: Motorbike rider wipes out and breaks ankle

Stuff: Cosmetic make-up tattoo
Sports: Arena Football and other things ruined by Bon Jovi
Video: Worst. Coworker. Ever.
Stuff: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride
Sports: www.0and16.com

Babes: Jennifer Aniston's stunning GQ cover
Babes: Jessica Biel gets naked in her new movie
Sports: Belarus hammer throwers stripped of Olympic medals
Sports: College Gameday Year in Review
Stuff: Top 10: Reasons not to tell her you've cheated

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