Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Sideshow | 12.22.08

The Sideshow | 12.22.08

Babes: Turner Broadcasting signs uberbabe Melanie Collins
Stuff: Classic holiday rum drinks
Babes: The 100 hottest WAGs for 2009: Readers vote for #1
Babes: Celebrities in hot Christmas outfits
Video: Tongue vs. Mouse trap

Babes: Claudia Fernandez is the International Babe of the Day
Video: More Trunk Monkey
Babes: Don't know Aline Domingos? You'll want to
Video: Some hot UK chef chick has been parodied
Video: People we hate: Trick pool players

Babes: A gallery of 300 sexy Christmas girls
Babes: Moran Atias can be our friend
Babes: Stacy Keibler looks good in white
Video: The loading dock ramp is victorious
Sports: A new low in the NFL

Stuff: How to live in your car
Babes: Alice Goodwin & Bianca Knight love the box
Babes: Leslie Bibb will wake you up
Babes: The New England Patriots Cheerleaders
Babes: Kelly Hu is a 1985 Miss Teen USA fox

Babes: Pamela Anderson not looking too hot from behind
Sports: Details emerge on Russian Olympic urine doping scandal
Stuff: Where's Carl Monday?
Sports: Bob Sapp in MMA fight against cartoon character on New Year's Eve
Sports: Field of Schemes: An interview with Neil deMause

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