Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 10 new sports words of 2008

Top 10 new sports words of 2008

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

10. Steff (v.). To provide no value in a business or personal transaction, despite receiving an extremely high amount of compensation. Ex.: "That contractor completely steffed you in your garage conversion. I wouldn't dump a body in here."

9. Plax (n.). An exceptionally self-destructive person who makes things worse through bald-faced lies and arrogance. Ex.: "Your ex stole your money to buy drugs, crashed your car, set it on fire, then tried to frame you for the arson? What a total plax."

8. Cooley (v.).
The inadvertent (?) exposure of one's genitals on the Internets, but importantly, not in the context of a sex tape. Ex.: "Watch this idiot cooley himself. What an idiot."

7. Reidicide (n.). A slow, unconscious suicide attempt made through chronic overeating. Ex.: "Seattle's Mike Holmgren appears to be commiting reidicide, but then you see Cleveland's Romeo Crennel. Man, that guy is probably working a fork in his sleep."

6. McBlab (v.). The unwise airing of an embarrassing lack of knowledge. Ex.: "The main list writer at Epic Carnival McBlabbed about how he got the gig from Editor Scrap. What some people will do for five bucks."

5. McFail (v.). Appearing to perform a job in an incompetent manner, but with a secret agenda to benefit another party. Ex.: "My boss McFailed me today by making me present an idiot idea. Meanwhile, his pet employee got to present a real idea. What a tool."

4. Zambrainy (adj.). The mistaken impression that the individual is intelligent, when in fact, he or she is a complete moron. Ex.: "The pitcher's zambrainy game plan led him to walk the opposing pitcher, then throw a belt-high fastball to a first-pitch fastball hitter. Then he stomped around the mound to show us how mad he was. Luckily, we were too drunk to care by that point."

3. Woolfish (adj.). Appearing to spend money while being actually miserly. Ex.: "My Dad took us out for a woolfish dinner. He made a big deal about ordering a bottle of wine from Northern California, but then stiffed the waiter and hustled us out before dessert."

2. Metsa vu (n.). Disagreeable familiarity in defeat, as if you've watched the exact same season before. Ex.: "The team's lack of reliable late-inning relief led the team's fan base to experience an awful feeling of metsa vu."

1. Sealaise (n.). A condition of regional sports weakness or discomfort, leading to an unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness and sports team theft. Ex.: "The sealaise gripped the area for years, until the old coach was banished to an ice floe."

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