Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 10 shocking realizations for NFL gamblers

Top 10 shocking realizations for NFL gamblers

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

10. Tavaris Jackson is the quarterback for a probable playoff team that's favored at home against another probable playoff team, and you actually almost kind of sort of trust him to get it done

9. Taking the Ravens for the under involves rooting hard against the QB catching a touchdown pass, and the S not scoring

8. No matter what, you are going to take it in the nuts in any NFC South game if you dare go against Home Team Wins

7. The NFC West team with a coach that likes to drop his pants and film Coors Light ads in his first press conference are the best bet to actually show up for a game on the road (these would be your San Francisco 49ers)

6. Bengals v. Browns actually has a point spread, rather than a 1-800 Gambling Addiction number

5. Consistent Sucking is far more predictable than Consistent Competence

4. Your Week 16 Suicide Pick conversation is more than likely to include the Houston Texans

3. You find yourself taking comfort in the notion that Kyle Orton is the Bears quarterback

2. An enraged gambler hasn't killed Norv Turner (yet)

1. There's no chance in hell that the Cardinals or AFC West champion will be favored at home in Wild Card Weekend

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