Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 11 utterly unsurprising Week 15 NFL developments

Top 11 utterly unsurprising Week 15 NFL developments

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

11. Herman Edwards' Chiefs played to lose the game

10. In this week's NFC South inter-divisional game, the home team won

9. After a week of catfighting and bitchiness, the Redskins lost

8. The Colts and Dolphins didn't look very good while beating a terrible team

7. The Raiders were gutless at home

6. The Packers lost despite good numbers from Aaron Rodgers

5. Unless you own Pierre Thomas, you were more or less boned in your fantasy football playoffs

4. Brett Favre received credit for being a winner when, in reality, his team won in spite of him

3. The announcers were orgasmic about the hitting in the Steelers-Ravens game because, dammit, *that* is what the National Football League is really all about

2. Despite playing a terrible game, the Chargers remained alive for the AFC West division crown

1. The refs completely screwed the Ravens in a home game, completely unlike last year against the Patriots

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