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Top 11 sports grievances

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

In the spirit of Festivus, which is today, let's just say... I GOT A PROBLEM WITH YOU PEOPLE. Later on, the Feats of Strength.

11. NFL instant reply.
In last week's game against the Redskins, the Eagles wound up having a first down call overturned on replay, because the referee was able to determine that the spot of the ball was a foot wrong. Add this to the Steeler-Raven screw job ending, and it's clear that the ruling on the field now means squat, and it's whatever the ref wants to do. So the worst minutes in sports -- watching the zebra go take the peep show -- just became more prevalent, and damn near impossible to have a game without. Whoopie.

10. MLB+. If there's anything that ever make you wish for a localized New York recession, it's the fact that the Yankees now have the four largest salaries in MLB, after the Teixeira deal. If they ever wind up choosing the right guys -- and no, even Yankee Fan isn't arguing for Derek Jeter right now in that list -- it's really not going to be fun to watch.

9. NBA apologists. I love the Association hard, write about it more than any sports blogger should... and no, I'm not thrilled with the fact that the league is sucking hard at the Lakers / Celtics teat, so much that if you aren't a fan of either team, you're just waiting for the Great 2010 Free Agent Armageddon. Yes, I'm bitter that the Elton Brand Era isn't working out.

8. China
. Sure, you folks are keeping the NBA afloat during a bad time, but do you really have to vote for Yi Jianlin in the All-Star Game as if he isn't, you know, just a younger Matt Bonner? You've had guys in the league for awhile now, and should be aware by now that it's not always going to work out. Grow up.

7. The NBA front office.
Some might blame the Oklahoma City fiasco on the OKC owners, but the simple fact of the matter is that nothing happens here without Czar Stern's say-so. How the Association is better off with teams in OKC and Memphis, rather than Seattle and Vancouver, especially with an up and coming team in Portland and a growing amount of Pacific Rim fan interest and ad revenue... I'll never know But that's OK, I'm sure everyone's happier on road trips to Appalachia.

6. The NFL front office. Let's make this clear: give me my real spring football league. Whether you call it developmental or not, I don't much care: I just want the ability to watch a pro team without the burden of history or Andy Reid. Just give me the same rules, in similar stadiums and markets, and I'll be happy. Well, happier.

5. The World Wide Lemur. Is there anyone out there who thinks this network is better than it was five years ago? How about their Web site? Their analysis? Their new coverage? Their flagship show? No, didn't think so. And just because we're all getting old and bitter, that doesn't mean they don't ruin everything they touch.

4. Sports radio tyranny. You'd think that there would be someone out there with the ability to talk sports nerd stuff, with Outsider-esque stats and maybe some concepts discussed beyond Character, Destiny, Courage, When I Played and We The Team crapola One show, please. You can have the rest of the dial.

3. The NFL West. So bad that it's led to people making jet lag excuses for millionaires, not to mention the strong possibility of double-digit win teams staying home while multiple .500 clubs -- and .500 with 6 games against their crap divisions! -- go. At least it'll make for good gambling.

2. Andy Reid. We've gone from admiration to respect to gritted teeth defense... and then to apologies and finally, now, loathing and avoidance.

This Sunday, the Eagles will play the Cowboys in a game that could determine a playoff spot, or, at the very least, keep the Cowboys out. I'll be traveling. Not watching. And on some level, being more than OK with a loss, if it only leads to the removal of this bloated sack of failure. LEAVE, FAT MAN, LEAVE.

1. The negative, and usually anonymous, commenters. Now, before you try to tear me a new one for being a hacky list writer who's going through the motions and yada yada yada... look, kids. Let me give you a few clues here.

First, I make bank from these. Second, you don't. Third, you read 'em or don't; I've done enough that I don't much care. Fourth, go screw. And fifth...

Happy Festivus!

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