Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 12 signs that things are starting to deteriorate for Terrell Owens in Dallas

Top 12 signs that things are starting to deteriorate for Terrell Owens in Dallas

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

12. The body language of fans wearing his jersey is best described as "flinching"

11. Becoming jealous of Jerry Jones's ability to throw teammates under the bus

10. No longer feels compelled to fake cry when someone criticizes his quarterback

9. QB Tony Romo now forcing interceptions on throws to TE Jason Witten, rather than on throws to him

8. World Wide Lemur mouth jobbers no longer talking about what a wonderful, wonderful teammate he's been, and how he sure seems to have turned a corner and learned his lesson

7. Once again, shockingly, he's been cursed with a quarterback who just isn't worthy of him

6. Teammates going into that all-too-familiar "if we ignore him, maybe he won't explode like a coked-up debutante with PMS" mode

5. Jason Garrett stopped being smart enough to call passes for him every play

4. It's been over eight months since his last contract negotiation

3. That Anonymous Teammate that always winds up spilling the dirt on TO is getting some serious mic time

2. The team has younger WRs on the roster who are almost as mouthy and even more overrated

1. It's December

6 comment(s):

No Joshin said...

The popcorn has gone stale

Anonymous said...

The number one reason is b/c his pussy hurts!

luke said...

This guy is incredible. Just look at the incidents in San Fran, Philly, and now Dallas. Not only is it the same gripe with each team, but it follows almost the exact time line starting from when he joined each team. Amazing. When he is thrown off the cowboys, I will lose all respect for any team that is even willing to pick this moron up. TO has gotta go.

Anonymous said...

well considering there was an offense meeting yesterday,

i'd say things are turning around

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Chris R. said...

He's compared to the Black Canary Barbie


Anonymous said...

finally!!! ive been waitin for this moment all year...ive got a pic of him from when he played for sf standing on the star that says "never forget" on the bottom. i never wanted him to play for dallas and as far as im concerned he just wore the uniform and was never a cowboy

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