Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top ten reasons the Big Ten SUCKS

Top ten reasons the Big Ten SUCKS

by Brian P. Foley, The College Baseball Blog

10. They can't count! 11 does not equal 10.

9. They have a school who has a tradition of dotting a "I" in OHIO!

8. Mascots get caught Drunk Driving. (See link)

7. They are the main reason for no playoff system in Division 1-A football.

6. Playboy's Girls of the Big Ten issue broke records for most ugly women in a Playboy magazine. We know they have nothing on the Girls of the PAC 10/Big 12/SEC/Siberia.

5. The last time the conference was relevant a Woody was coaching Ohio State.

4. They play in a bowl game named after a flower...I thought football was a MALE sport.

3. Anytime a town calls itself Happy Valley when the town is in the middle of Pennsylvania. How could you be happy living there?

2. It is cold in the entire conference.

1. Speed KILLS!

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Gerard said...

This could be good if any of them were funny.

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