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What else is new? - The Bills back in last in the wast

by Matt Loede, NFL Gridiron Gab

In the end, this game should have been played in Buffalo.

But it wasn't, and now the Bills sit at 6-7, losers of 6 of their last 7, and the hopes which at one point were strong for a playoff birth are basically long gone. The Bills have done it to their fans again, getting their hopes up for a possible run at the postseason, only to then tank it.

It started with the loss in Miami back on October 26th (they were 5-2 after that loss), and pretty much the season ended with a loss yesterday to the exact team. The offense has let them down big-time over the latest losing streak, and over the past two weeks they have scored just six points.

Take away that Madden video-game like 54-point outing vs the Chiefs three weeks ago, and this team has put up just 12 points per game on average in the horrible losing streak. So who is to blame? Dick Jauron - sure pile it on him, he has not done enough to make this team ready to go on Sundays.

Trent Edwards? That's a tough one, as he really has not been the same QB after the concussion he had vs the Cards back on October 5th. How about the running game and Marshawn Lynch? Yes, you can put the blame on them, but it's not Marshawn's fault that he's not getting the ball enough.

So now the best this team, the same one that started 5-1, can do it go 9-7, and that would involve beating two AFC East contenders (Jets, Pats) and the team that is going to eventually win the AFC West - the Broncos. Can you say 6-10 or 7-9?

Jauron should be gone, even though it's not all his fault, there's enough on his shoulders that he should pay with his job. Edwards? The team is going to have to take a hard look at his play and decide if he can be the QB of the future. As for the running game - how about giving Lynch the ball a little more.

And to think this was a game they should have won. And a season that should have at least netted one playoff game.

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