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What we learned from the 2008 college football season

by WCT, The Ship of Fools

The season is over. Every summer we anticipate the start of the season, every fall we enjoy it, and on the first Sunday in December each year, we end up confused, unhappy, and unfulfilled. Nobody, besides Florida and Oklahoma fans, is happy with the outcome of the season. We might as well look back and see what this season taught us.

- Florida is the best team in the country. Oklahoma is good, Texas is good (better than OU in my opinion), but nobody is as good as Florida. I think they win the BCS Championship Game easily.

- By the way, if Oklahoma can get into the Title Game without beating the "best" team on their schedule, why can't the 1 vs 2 match-up be Alabama vs. Oklahoma? Even with the head-to-head loss, you can argue that Bama has a better resume than the Gators.

- That said, the SEC took a serious step backwards in 2008. They had essentially no big wins over non-conference opponents. Alabama over Clemson? Meh, Clemson under Tommy Bowden was terrible this year. Florida over Florida State? Georgia over Arizona State? Not blowing my skirt up.

- The ACC was a mess. Every time you thought a team was good, they would lose. Every time you thought a team was dead, they would jump up and beat somebody. Clemson was the preseason pick to win the conference (as amazing as that may seem), and different points during the year, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida State, and Georgia Tech all looked like the class of the league. At the end of the day, they once again had Virginia Tech and Boston College fighting it out for the conference crown in an empty stadium in Florida, just like '07.

- After seemingly being a sure-bet to reach the Championship Game, Penn State completely faded into irrelevance after losing at the gun to Iowa. There was a large group of 1-loss teams that were spoken about possibly sneaking into the top 2 spots depending on what scenario played out, but the Nittany Lions were completely absent from said conversations. Have fun in the Rose Bowl. Just try and keep it close.

- Army may be an awful football team, but those camouflage uniforms were pretty badass.

- The Pac-10 was a complete joke. Yes, USC was good, but no one else in the league was worth a damn. I thought for sure that Washington State was the worst team on the planet, then I found out that Washington was even worse. Cal, Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State; all mediocre-to-bad.

- Auburn needs a dose of reality, because the Tommy Tuberville firing is one of the worst firings in recent memory. He had them 13-0 as recently as 2004, and followed that up with 9, 11, and 9 wins in the years that followed, before a down year this year. Not only that, but he regularly beat Alabama, ending his tenure by beating the Tide 6 out of 7 years. What exactly do you expect? You compete to win the league every year, win it every once and a while, win 9+ games most years, and you fire the guy?

- Jason Whitlock, Dave Letterman, and whomever else occupied the Ball State bandwagon during 2008, you may now shut up. Last week, Whitlock laughably called Cardinals coach Brady Hoke the best coach in the nation and QB Nate Davis the best signal-caller. How did they respond in the biggest game of their season? A 42-24 beating in the MAC Championship Game at the hands of Buffalo (who knew UB was in the MAC?) that included 5 turnovers by Davis alone. Not that anyone really thought Ball State had a legitimate chance to end up in a BCS game with a 13-0 record, but Davis fumbled away any sliver of hope in Detroit Friday night.

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skidawg1985 said...

I am not sure Alabama's resume is better than Florida's.

SEC was way down. QBs were way down so the offenses were poor. SEC will come back.

ACC might have been a mess, but it also was the most competitive conference in the country. If I am playing an ACC team in a bowl game, I would be concerned by players would be looking at the record and think "this will be an easy win".

Penn State got hosed by a weak Big 10 in connection with an obscenely strong Big 12 south.

While Tuberville may have been forced out, it apparently was his choice to pull the trigger. He at least felt pushed out. I do agree that the whole situation has been a joke going back to the Bobby Petrino flirtation several years ago.

I think Nate Davis will be a solid NFL QB. Ball State might have been reading its press clippings and thinking Buffalo was the Buffalo of old.

Football Fanatics said...

Was the SEC down? Or were the top 2 teams just that much better then the rest. When Alabama, Florida, Georgia and LSU all play each other, someone's gotta lose.

WCT said...

No, the SEC was down. The league was 4-6 overall against the weak ACC

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