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Madonna and A-Rod still being gross

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Despite everyone with any interest in sports or common decency being firmly against this coupling, Madonna and Alex Rodriguez are apparently still going at it. Says Page Six --

MADONNA has resumed her "affair of the heart" with Alex Rodriguez. Madge spent last weekend with the Yankee slugger - and Joe Torre target - at the East Hampton home of Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, sources said. But the downtime did little to calm the recently divorced pop star's nerves. She's fuming over unflattering photos from her album cover shoot that were leaked online. A snitch said, "Madonna called up the label screaming when the photos got out." Madonna's rep didn't return e-mails.
Blurghhtffsss... Sorry, puked in my mouth again. Happens every time I read about these two.

*Note -- that is not A-Rod Madonna is kissing in the pic above. It is a young virgin that she is sucking the lifeblood out of to maintain her girlish glow ... or something like that.

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